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Updated Hax4you™ New Loader/UI (Enhanced & Improved)


Apr 19, 2019
Hax4you™ Loader/UI❤🔥🔥
(Updated: Aug 7, 2019 | v2.5)

What this tool does? this is the main and important tool for hax4you to work cause all our cheats are included on that tool.
Its easy to use! Just download the tool then select your game.

New Features 😍:


- Optimized Connection (Preventing Connection failed issue)
- Improved Injection (Loading to Game Issue)

- Improved Security Features (Data Management)
- Fixed GUI Bug (Menu button, Back Button)
- Update function for new games supported by hax4you
- Added Used Count/User Count
- Fixed OpenGL Error (Required 2.0 for compatibility)
- Report button fixed

- Improved Saving Settings

Update History 🌎 :

- Forces the game to close while activating (To avoid detection)
- Optimized Injection
- Enhanced Error Handling
- Optimized function/Removed unwanted codes
- Fixed Injection Cancelation
- Added connection try to 5 so if the server can't reach in first try it will load again
- Fixed GUI Bug: Menu Button will disable if you're in injection panel.

- Fixed Injection Bugs
- Fixed GUI Bugs and errors
- Improved GUI Animations
- Improved GUI Functions
- Added GIF Preview (You can now watch our hack preview)
- Improved Security (we improved our anti leech)
- We added data cache (So you can play quickly without downloading the datas again)
- Fixed Games List Bug

-Fixed windows 7 GUI bug
-Fixed some bugs of getting user information.

-Fix error for windows 7 and 8 users

-Fixed activation problem and bug

-Improved Graphic User Interface (GUI)
-Designed for better gaming
-Multiple Game Support
-Cheats Auto Updatewithout updating the whole loader
-New Activation Method (We are doing a fastest way of activation but its not yet finished so for now enjoy this activation method)
-We buy a new server to give you the best experience and faster connection.
System Requirements 👀:
OS: Windows 7 or later
(if you're getting OpenGL Error you must update your graphic card driver)

How to activate Video tutorial:

Download Link (y) :
Download Now!
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